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“You are the music while the music lasts”

-- T.S. Eliot                       


In Business Sound we are a team of dedicated professionals eager to help you please your clients, improve the productivity of your employees, increase the profit margin of your company, and create a comfortable environment for everyone involved in your business.


Established in 1993, Business Sound has provided professional music and audio solutions for the commercial sector with excellence and pride. We offer professionally programmed, commercial free digital music to over 1,600 clients throughout Puerto Rico and the Caribbean –where we are the leading distributors of state-of-the-art drive-thru communication systems.

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Mission Statement


Our goal is to offer the finest quality products in the field of digital music, specialized audio equipment, and drive-thru communication systems, with a continued commitment to superior customer service for all our clients.





Our office is in the expert hands of a highly professional team of people committed to the best service and the finest quality of our products. From left: Isaac Núñez, Lourdes Nazario, Adiaris San Miguel and Carlos González.