"Music is a performance and it needs an audience!"

   --Michael Tipett  






Sound influences your experiences every day—just as it influences your customers, patrons, guests or parishioners.


We offer amplifiers, paging microphones, horn speakers, and other support products from suppliers such as TOA Electronics, Lowell MFG, and Bose®.

The Modeler® sound system software

for acoustic design

“Better Sound Through Research”

We are Certified Professional Dealers of Bose® commercial electronic products for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


Don’t make large investments in audio systems without knowing how they will sound in advance at your facility –as it was done in the past.


Today, Bose® allows the designers and installers to evaluate numerous variables to make the necessary improvements to ensure the quality of the design before installation begins.


We do this by using new technology to actually hear and judge the performance of a sound system before a single piece of audio equipment is in place.


That is why we employ their Modeler® sound system software –an acoustic design and analysis program with which our sound system designers use a 3D model of your space to predict your sound system’s performance. 


Then, with their award-winning Auditioner® audio demonstrator technology, you can actually “step inside” the model and accurately experience the proposed sound system’s output.

The award-winning Auditioner® audio

demonstrator technology

Our Bose® clients include: