Music is the universal language of humanity

   -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

quality of

​        SERVICE

Business Sound relies on over 25 years experience in communication systems to provide the finest products and services.


Our field technicians are fully trained in commercial audio systems, background music, as well as on-hold and in-store messaging solutions.


We are certified professional dealers of Bose® commercial audio systems and rely on their resources and support to provide top notch customer service to our clients. 
















We have a service fleet of 11 trucks and each of our media specialists boast over 12 years experience in the field of electronic communication systems.


We have a certified warranty repair center that allows us to work on our clients’ devices without having to ship them outside Puerto Rico for repairs. We also provide our clients with replacement equipment to avoid any interruptions in their businesses while we work.

We make sure our qualified technicians offer:


  • same or next day emergency assistance to your business

  • free music updates for preprogrammed solutions

  • quick troubleshooting

  • product and service guarantees